Support - Health Professionals


We are very lucky to know some amazing healthcare professionals who provide the very best support they can for bereaved families. But we know this is challenging; with the pressures on the NHS and very busy workloads, it can be difficult to give bereaved parents with the care they need. And no matter what your level of experience, if you haven’t lost a baby yourself, it can be hard to know what people need at such a distressing time in their lives.

We try and support healthcare professionals to improve bereavement care, in the following ways:

    • Liaising with local NHS Trusts to look at gaps in bereavement care, to support and advise on what might help
    • Taking part in training sessions to pass on experiences from a bereaved parent perspective
    • Contributing to improvements in bereavement suites and spaces (via advice, or sometimes funding)
    • Providing ‘Heart in Your Hand’ keyrings – gifts for bereaved parents that have a part that can be left with your baby, and a part for parents to keep.